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Do You Have a Solid Strategy For Increasing Your Online Sales?

This is much more than just paying more money into a pay-per-click campaign or telling someone to carry out SEO on your Nottingham web site.
It is something you constantly have to think about and add to and change, on an on-going basis so that 6 months from now you will have solid results.

We continually hear about the recession and that sales are tough - we can see closed retail shops and an increase in unemployment in the news every night, but did you know that sales on the internet have been growing every year, year-on-year by 30% ?
Okay, this increase may have slowed a little in the last 9 months, but that is still a massive increase .
Are you part of it?

Do you remember in days gone by, that 5% increase was good for an established business?
I was in retail for many years and 5-10% was a respectable performance.
But now you have the chance to achieve 15-30% growth if you put together a well thought-out plan for your web site.

There are a multitude of things you can do today to increase your sales that you've never been able to before.

Many new techniques are now employed for seo in Nottingham.
Let's take examples from a few different industries

Suppose you are an accountant or a lawyer.

You've got established clients
Do you have a list of their emails and are you gathering new potential clients, so that every time something changes in company legislation, you can send them advice, and at the same time offer your services to help them?
Your established customers are 10 times easier to convert into new sales.

The new subscribers start getting messages from you on a regular basis.
Who will they think of when they need an accountant or a lawyer?
You should continue to mail shot your list forever.
It will become an asset of your business.

This total approach is a 2 fold strategy that can easily be set up and will certainly grow your practice.

Perhaps you supply goods or services to the trade

This is even more of an ongoing market than the previous example because your customers always needs to be appealing to their customers and they need your help to do that.

It's important that you have an easy way to stay in touch with some customers who haven't bought from you for a while.
So offer them something in return for them subscribing to your list and then keep hitting them hard with offers.

If you do this you will be streets ahead of your competition who usually expect customers to keep coming back.
You, on the other hand, will be pro-actively encouraging them to come to you.

You provide a quality product in your region to the building sector

The normal way your business will develop is through recommendations and an association with your trade organisation. These work well but you can do much more by promoting yourself.
Directly target architects builders and home owners
Test them out with a short pay-per-click campaign.

Track the words that work and then optimise you site for these particular terms, as many of our clients are successfully doing now.

Have a very detailed monthly report on the words they use and what part of your site they actually click on. There is no need to guess at this.

And think of the difference it would make if you knew exactly what part of you page they click on ?

Next time you advertise in a publication, don't just quote your web site address. Instead offer an email capture page, add them to your list, and hit them from now and forever (with their permission of course). Isn't that more proactive than waiting for the phone to ring?

You work in the wedding industry.

Let's say you are a travel agent. Do you reciprocate with other wedding service providers?
For example video makers and photographers, flower arrangers, cake makers, music bands.
Make an arrangement with 1 of each that you will pass on customers to them if they will reciprocate and then get customers to subscribe to your site. Even if the event is 6 or 9 months away, you are always hitting them with info and offers, far more than your competition can because you are automated.

Whatever sector you are in, you can be sure there are marketing methods and techniques you could be using today, that you could easily put into practice and that will make a big difference to your business 12 months from now.

Perhaps you want to sell your business 5 years from now. Do you think that list of subscribers would be an asset?
Of course it would.

So give us a call and find out what you could do to really develop your business.

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Nottingham & Newark
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