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Glossasry Of Terms

Algorithm - How engines decide where to rank you on thier pages,

ALT text - The text that appears when you roll your mouse on an image or a picture.

Anchor Text - Also known as Link Text, the clickable text of a link.

Below the fold - Content of a web page not seen by the consumer unless he scrolls down.

Blind Traffic - Low quality traffic generated by misleading banners or SPAM.

Clustering - In search engine search results pages, clustering is limiting each represented website to 1 or 2 listings.

CPA - Cost Per Action.

CPC - Cost Per Click.

CPM - Cost per 1,000 impressions.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets.

CTR - Click Through Ratio.

EPV - Earnings Per Visitor.

Filter Words - Words such as is, am, were, was, the, for, do, ETC, that search engines see as irrelevant for indexing purposes.

Hit - A single access request made to the server.

IBL - Inbound Link. A link from another site to your site.

LS - LookSmart

ODP - The Open Directory Project (

Outbound Link - A link from a page of your site to another site.

Page Views - The number of times distinct pages of a website are served.

PPC - Pay Per Click.

Query - The execution of a search on a search engine.

RFP - Request for Proposal.

ROI - Return ob Investment.

SE - Search engine.

SEM - Search engine marketing.

SEO - Search engine optimization.

SEP - Search engine placement.

SERP - Search Engine (Search) Results Page.

Stemming - Word variations. For example, if I entered the query "house", a search engine that supports stemming might return results that include "housing" or "houses".

Stop Word - Words ignored in a query because the word is so commonly used that it makes no contribution to relevancy. Examples are common net words such as computer and web, and general words like get, I, me, the and you.

Unique Visitor - An instance of a unique site connecting to your server.

URL - Universal Resource Locator.

USP - Unique Selling Proposition.


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