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How You Can Start to Build Your Incoming Links.

The number of incoming links is important for ranking well. It shows the search engines how well you are thought of by other web sites in your sector, and is taken as a vote of confidence in you.

Left to itself however, your accumulation of new inbound links may not rise significantly over time and so it is therefore well worthwhile to help the process along, while staying totally within acceptable practices.

Here are 3 methods for doing this.
The first is the simplest.

Method 1
Line up your main competition and visit, and analyse who is linking to them.
Then make a suitable approach to these sites so that they also link to you.
This is likely to be successful as they are already involved in your sector.
To help with this, use and enter your competitors site, then list up all their inbound links.
These are your targets to approach for a link to you.

Method 2
Do a search on Google for your main keywords, list the results and approach these sites in the same way as method 1

Method 3
Run a report in on your specific sector and extract all the associated URLS’ using low cost software such as dmoz extractor. Now clean the list i.e. remove any duplicates and remove those sites that are not on topic.
Work your way through the list entering email contacts and people's names.
Although his does take some time, it is well worth the effort because you should expect about 4% success.

So if you request 1,000 sites for a link, you can expect to gain 40 inbound links to your site, which in many cases, will put you very near the top of the rankings, particularly if you are in a non-competitive sector.

The reason for this is because all these sites are quality sites.
They must have been to be listed in Dmoz in the first place, and they are all voting for you by their link to you.
Dmoz is run by humans and all sites are inspected before being added to their database.
This ensures that the links you finally gain are all good quality and have relevance.

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