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The Difference Between SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEO nottingham or Search Engine Optimisation,

is the process by which we, as search engine optimisers, gain natural positions in Google free listings.
These are the main free listings you see in the centre of the Google search results pages.
Although Google makes not cahrge for these psotions Your csots depends on how competitive your keyword or phrase is.

More competitive phrases require much work in 2 main areas :

1. Optimising your on-page factors

2. Building up incoming links, enough to overtake your competition.
This will vary from sector to sector and requires a full link-building campaign by your optimiser.

Pay Per Click, is entirely different.

This is where there's a cost for every click a visitor makes on your advert within Google pages.
So you pay Google for each click.

Rule of thumb suggests that of 100 clicks you should expect somewhere between 1 and 5% to lead to an enquiry or an order.
So you need to do your sums and base your spend on your final profit on 100 clicks at whatever the going rate.

If you can make a profit on less than 1% then that is what you must budget your PPC payment campaign on.
But most industries require a higher click-through rate.

Factors that help your click through :
1. Ensure your advert is compelling or intriguing in some way.

2. Get on the first page of results in Google.

Goolge bases your ranking in PPC on a combination of the price you pay for each click AND how often people actually click through to your site.
This is why it is important that your advert entices them to click through

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