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How you can start your site ranking on the search engines

The term Natural or Organic Listings means getting your website in the free listings in the search engines for the words and phrases in your site.

Organics are the results the engine shows when you search on a word.They are free and are not charged for by Google.These are the major results seen on the left of the page.
In order to achieve these good positions, you need to start by using the rules laid down by Google.
Sites that don’t follow these basics have no chance of high rankings.

Some basic rules are :

Ensure your Keywords appear in the keyword area
Ensure your Keywords appear in your title tag
Ensure your Keywords appear in your fist <h1> tag in the page, usually your header text before the main body text begins.
You’ll notice that in your sector there are sites that appear again and again in top positions.
They have the wonderful benefit of bringing in enquiries daily without paying fees.
Either they (or someone on their behalf ) is looking after the site by tweaking these tags and updating or changing the body text so that the page is topical and of value to visitors.

Google Guidelines

In order not to fall foul of the engines there are some things you should know and take steps to avoid, in order not to be downgraded or even banned from engines.

Basically any attempt to fool them will eventually fail and you may possibly never recover good positions that you once held.

  • Don’t use invisible keywords.
  • Don’t hide anything.
  • Don’t overload keyword tags with multiple uses of the same word/phrase.
  • Don’t push text off to the right of a normal browsing window
  • Don’t use duplicate content in your site. If you have directly copied text from another site and used it, then this is spam and you’ll be penalised.

There are many more tricks people often think are a good idea but no matter how smart you think you are being, you can be sure Google is smarter. They have

spent years developing their software and are actively looking for those who fall foul of the above. After all if you have a good quality site, why would you want to indulge in tricks?

Only because your site is not providing good content after all, perhaps?

So always aim for good quality content and aim to change it or add to it regularly.


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