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Free tools that will help you monitor your site's optimisation.

The following 3 tools are available for you to use.

Inward links checker
As previously mentioned, inward links are one of the most important ways of gaining a high listing.
This tool will count the number of inbound links to your site from the search engines.
Simply enter your web site address (your URL) in the box and wait for the results.
The results will clearly show where more inward links are required.

Your site speed
It has been statistically calculated that you lose a high percentage of visitors if your site takes more than 10 seconds to download.Yes, broadband is becoming prevalent, but there are still hosts of people using dial up.

When you run this test look for the download times at 33k. Although 56k is the quoted speed of dial up, the reality is more like 33k.
If this is above 10 seconds then your site is outside the recommended download time and you will lose customers.
In this case there will be several recommendations on the report including image sizes etc.
These should be passed on to your web designer to reduce your download time.

Checking your site's code
You don't have to be a web developer to run this check.
It will point out to you any parts of your site that are not properly validated.
It also includes 2 header lines that should be present in all web pages.
If these are missing or there are any other parts of your site that cannot be validated, it is important again that you get your web developer to fix them asap.

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